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Full text of "The Letters Of Horace Walpole Vol I"

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Spain, that commanded the expedition, at least so they say at Naples1S. I'm very sony, but methinks they seem in a bad condition. Is West dead to the world in general, or only so to me? for you I have not the impudence to accuse, but you are to take this as a sort of reproof, and I hope you will demean yourself accordingly. You are hereby authorized to make my particular compliments to my Lord Plymouth14, and return him my thanks de I'honneur de son souvenir. So I finish my postscript with
Yours ever,
T. G.
DEAR CHILD,                                   Rome, May 28,1740. N.S.
I have just received your letter of news; I had heard before of Symphony's affair with Lady ——, but they called it a report; but I find like many stories of that kind 'tis true. What ? Are we to be to appear before the H. of Lords ? are there to be damages ? or is it to be blown over, with only a separate maintenance for the fair one ? I am sorry he has obviously established such a character. "Tis too soon to be arrived at one's ne plus ultra. I doubt 'tis all the fame he will ever be master of, and 'tis horrid to begin where one must end.
By a considerable volume of charts and pyramids which I saw at Florence, I thought it threatened a publication. His travels have really improved him ; I wish they may do the same for any one else.
West has sent me a letter of fragments, which not being antique, I am extremely angry are not complete.
18 See  note  on letter to West,      whom. Ashton was tutor.
May 7, 1740. N.S.                                     LTCTTEB 81.—Not in C.; reprinted
14 Other  Lewis  "Windsor  (1781-     from. Tovey's Gray and his Friends,
1771), fourth Earl of Plymouth, to     pp. 64-8.